Mission Statement


TechStravagant was founded on three principles: quality, design, and functionality. All of our products are specifically manufactured to meet these three criteria. Apple sells incredible products that are used by millions every day. As a company, our goal is to produce items that make your Apple products excel in their practical use and style. 



Our products change the way you use your Apple Devices. Not only that, we pride ourselves in creating stylish, eye-catching designs that will make you stand out in the crowd. That being said, I welcome you to be apart of a group that dares to be different.


Making great products even better is the primary goal of TechStravagant. Millions of people own Apple Products, and how you use them helps define you as a person. TechStravagant optimizes the already luxurious product into something even bigger than itself.  Whether you want increased functionality, practicality or just more style, we got you covered.

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